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The Roller Disco

By  CJ Boom     12:43     
I'm going to get back onto the rollers and turbo this evening 30minutes of skills honing, then 40minutes of intervals.
I kinda forget to upload music because most of the time I can't be bothered. So I got loads of my recently purchased music (last six months) and skillfully chose some tunes to keep me entertained and the heart rate high (though its no yet been proven in the field of Sport and Exercise Science that music is related to an improved physical performance.)

 My ipod is broken and my iphone was stolen last Thurs. So I'm back to the old faithful £30, hideous green (because its the sprinters jersey colour), no screen, shuffle, enscription "Zabel is my leader."

The Shoes (Musical instruments and that with voices)

Cut // Copy (Drums and dancy like France dance)

Jaguar Skills (think Vol 1 is a fairly old CD. Think DJ Yoda in music terms)
You can get various free mixes after registering on the site.

Also crammed in is SoulWax - 2Many DJ's, Kitsune: Parisien and a mix by The Rub and a Roni Size Rapresent as a cool down song.


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