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By  CJ Boom     18:16     

So, the cross season is but a very distant memory so too the snow season. I had thought about leaving the blog until Sept 2010 and picking up about where I left off, but decided to keep it updated bout road race season with advent of the new Rapha Condor womens test team.
Decided not to do any riding for about a month after the x season, not by choice more by being tired and lazy.
The last two weeks I've entered into some pretty epic rides in order to kick start the seasons training, first was a filthy chaingang to Chertsey from Kingston Gate before then heading home, ended up looking like a chimney sweep. In total probably covered about 85km, this was followed up by the same the on the Wednesday just gone. Instead of waiting for the chaingang three of us just hotfooted it when we got to the park, the aim was to get out and back and then the 7 miles home before 10pm. Because otherwise you just don't have enough time to eat and digest before sleeping. The ride was SO much better this week thanks to the dry conditions and tailwind going out.
Final ride was this Sun, 6 of us from the team rode out from Richmond to Windsor, before peeling off to checkout the 9 mile course for the Windsor womens race in April. A new course in the womens team series calendar. All in all a 65 miler. A week well spent and cake at the end of it.
Rapha womens launch on the 26th March and new team components and kit to arrive shortly.
Now lying still wearing Skins and lubed up legs with elite recovery cream.

Bring it.


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