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By  CJ Boom     22:21     

Oh dear, how did I ever let it get like this. Tomorrow is clear up day. I've been training quite a bit trying to get in about 15 miles in the morning en route to the big smoke. It's been working but I've had to get up earlier and earlier. Then I've hit up a normal 5 mile commute on the way home but accelerating away from the lights etcetera.
But this focus on riding leaves me tired. Been a bit lazy recently today I sat down for half an hour of yellin and screaming courtesy of eastenders then flicked to a new series cougar town (fyi not bad).
Anyways I should have been sorting my life out but nooop. Hence my life has defended into a bombsite.
Oh and after last weekends post about organisation. It's a curse or perhaps it's karma. No one is allowed to be organised are they? Maybe the queen but that's it.
If it's raining tomorrow I'm riding but skipping the chaingang. Picking dirt out of my ear and blowing my nose produces dirty snot I am NOT keen on!
So well anyways my point is I'm making friend with turbo timmy


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