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Those days of hate

By  CJ Boom     15:54     
Oh my goodness.
What did I say in my blogpost before I went ski-boarding. Oh yeh, I'll get right on that cycling stuff. So I did and it was one of my most miserable rides ever.
I don't consider myself to be a novice and yet on Sunday so much stuff just went wrong, I shouldn't be allowed to get on a road bike.

So went out for a '50 miler' around Essex. Met at Condor for 9am.
Its dry and there is a mild amount of sun. I'm wearing a long sleeve baselayer with long sleeve jersey. Roubaix 3/4. Overshoes, defeet socks, windstopper gloves. (Basically not enough clothes if its rains).

I was thinking on the way out to the meeting point, hmmm, rather alot of clothing.

Wrong. Soon as we got into the lanes. Rain and then the rain kept going. I was cold and I stayed cold.

Then someone fell off on a greasy bit of wet road. (Not me)
Then we stood in the rain just recovering.
Then we rode quite slowly because my muscles wouldn't work and Sammy's hip was bleeding a bit
Then we stood in the rain to change a tube.

I opened my 'in date' energy bar to find it had weird furry mould on it. The boys advised me not to eat it.
I opened another to find the same thing.

Then we stood in the rain to change another tube. (Sammy had hands like a chimney sweep after)

Then we arrived back in Walthamstow.

Sam and I headed straight for the train to London town.
I ate a Mars Bar so fast, I might have also eaten the wrapper.

The garmin read 120km. and 5 hours and something.
I didn't factor in the 16 miles from home to Walthamstow (via Condor) and the return.

My feet were numb and cold and I couldn't clip in because I couldn't feel the pedals. This happened in the last 2 hours of the ride.

I put my bike in a garage, made an angry face but I thanked it for its mud-guards.
Climbed into the slanket at 4pm and watch 2 episodes of Murder She Wrote.

There are few days that your on the bike and hating it. This was one of them. Pity it was my first proper after my break from cycling.

Next weekend I'm riding the Rapha Hell of the North route from last year.
Note to self - open energy bars before leaving house to check they are not moudly.
Note to self - OVERDRESS

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  1. Good too see you out on the road Boom, was very surprised too see you guys over my way! That road Sammy fell on way unbelievable, its always slick but I have never ridden on it like that! Luckily we let (a lot) of air out the tires just before we met you guys otherwise I definitely would have been on the tarmac. Im sure you wont regret the miles in the legs once you have forgotten the numbing feeling!

  2. Your recovery program is all wrong! Should really be Poirot or Miss Marple ;-)

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  4. Nice to see your posts again !!
    And good description of the day !! We all have these days sometime... ;-)

    Saludos desde España !!

  5. slanket? murder she wrote? I thought i was the only one with a recovery routine of 'schnuggle rug and come dine with me'

    sorry to hear u had an annoying ride - sometimes it happens, and remember, we need this crappy days to make us appreciate the good warm sunny fast rides!

    hopefully catch u on the tarmac soon...


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  7. Were the mouldy energy bars Mulebars by any chance? I've had a few that were meant to be recalled. Not very tasty and I definitely wouldn't recommend eating any energy bars covered in that furry stuff.

    I recently received a load of promo tablet napkins, lifesavers if you ever need to clean your hands or face on a ride.