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Blind Faith

By  CJ Boom     18:48     
I've never attempted to use a Garmin 705 (the one with maps) properly. Usually I know the route or I have a map but know most of the route. So I merely record my speed, HR the usual stats (an Edge 500 is better for this).
So I decided that I should use it the way Garmin intended - to navigate. I exported my ride data from the 2010 Rapha Hell of the North to the unit as a course (simple function within Garmin Connect website).
I chose HOTN because it's north London and I never ride there plus there are off road sectors and you need a Garmin to tell you where to go at bridlepath forks and when to turn off from the normal country lanes.

On Sunday we all met at Condor. No one else on the ride had ridden the route previously and no one had a map. All riders were south/west London based and thus usually ride in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. So there was complete blind faith in the Garmin getting us around a 50 mile loop.

We made it! 75 miles all in all. That's from my home in south London around the loop. Back to Look Mum No Hands for a late lunch and coffee before home.

There are a few times when we were chatting or our heads were down and we missed a turn off for a sector of 'pave' but otherwise couldn't fault it. 3hrs 20min for the HOTN loop which is 13mins off my 2010 time. So the Garmin didn't cause a huge drop in speed.

It was a beautiful day and quite a tough ride. Sammy broke a spoke and I just got a bit tired at the end (read overtired like a toddler).
We sat in Look Mum, starring at our muddy shins and dirty bikes content, we'd made it and the navigation wasn't even an issue. I'm flipping surprised.

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  1. I'm not surprised something that costs that much does what it's designed to do. If only phones were waterproof I'd use mine as a bike satnav. Google's My Tracks app is great for route navigation and recording, and works with bluetooth heart rate monitors. No need for a Garmin!

  2. Anonymous said...^^^ ditto, I want my Phone to be ROBUST so i can use it like this.

    Love the post and the pics are fab! Especially the tilt shift on the muddy puddle!

    Looks like a fantastic parcours.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Are you doing the Rapha HotN again this year, or off to do The Real Thing? I shall be riding this again - it was a fab day out last year. The new Acciaio will be coming out to play.

  4. dear Phips -

    I shall be doing the real thing this year. Ouch.

    I hope the new bike treats you well on it. It was muddy when I rode it but with the Sun we've had all week I think you'll be good to do!

    Bon Chance