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A day with 49cm RCS

By  CJ Boom     08:19     
On Tuesday I spent the day with Deano and Brigga. Johnny Boy Herety and people from a mag.
We chatted about 2011 season then we went riding. I ran in the morning for about 40mins before getting ready for the appointment.
It was clear that the lads from the mag didn't want to give RCS an easy ride.

As we completed the loop it was clear a sprint for a sign was coming.

I saw D&B make some silent telepathic contact about where to be and what they were going to do.

Blammo - the sprint started and two black silhouettes shot out. Deano getting rolled by Brigga.
Good ride, I was complaining but I needed a fast boy pace, a sprint and hills.
I also absorbed as much of D&B's ready for racing motivation as I could. They never stop. We had tapas.

One thing B did say to me which makes him a ledge was
"'ere Claire, how many cakes, you had in a day?"
"I dunno maybe like four different types."
"yeh me too."

We're on the same page

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