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By  CJ Boom     09:32     
Now updated with what happened at Sainsburys (see comments)

I got invited to go to the Olympic Velodrome in London. The velodrome is amazing and the whole site looks rather natty.
I was a bit of a cynic about the Olympics before but now I'm quite excited so much so I registered for tickets.

The same day I bought a Cadbury's Wispa. Inside it said I could play against Olympians and win once in a life time prizes (not the reason for purchasing the Wispa)
Now this is the only time I've ever even considered entering a competition on a wrapper. But I thought why not.  Carefully cutting open the wrapper to reveal my code and web address.

But what happened when I get online - SORRY Competition Closed. What but the expiry date on the wrapper is August 2011.

Surely that is bad planning to have a wrapper with an expiry date for a competition that closes in December 2010?
I checked the wrapper and only inside the foil was there an expiration date so how is Bernerd the ShopKeep suposed to know?

I wrote to Cadbury (something I never do) and told them I was 'dissappointed' and 'it had got my hopes up'.
I included my wrapper and a screengrab of the competition being closed.

They wrote back very quickly. Whilst they are correct that "it is the stores responsibility to rotate stock" they can understand "an inconvience has been caused" they sent me "a vouchers as a goodwill gesture"
Fair play to the chocolate people bet Nestle wouldn't do that.
At the end of the day though...its still bad planning.

What shall I buy.. its redeemable against Trident, Bassetts, Cadbury and Creme Egg.
I was thinking a packet of mini eggs or chocolate buttons?

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  1. buttons for sure, that way you can test your will power and pace yourself. Counts as a workout me thinks

  2. "Something I never do"

    Eh? You're always writing letters to points of view and Ofcom to complain about offensive TV shows etc

  3. Very true about the Ofcom, forgot about that. Tramadol Nights is just so weird it had to be done.
    But literally thats it. and I won't do it anymore

  4. Mini eggs, there can be no other!!!

  5. I agree with Stoo, it HAS to be mini eggs *drool*

  6. Chocolate is baaaad for you. Spend it on chewing gum ... that way you can burn plenty of calories chewing it! Stick it behind your ear and you can chew it the next day too :)

    Btw, I work at Cadbury.

    bascially, went to Sainsburys,
    1. couldn't find mini eggs.
    2. when i got to the till I was told I have to spend over the amount (£2) and then they would take off £2 and I pay the difference. So I have to spend my money to get the goodwill.

    However, man in Sainsburys very helpful. He pointed out if I spend £2.01 then I'll only have to pay 1p for my chocolate.

    It took some maths but in the end I got
    2x Diary Milk Giant Buttons
    2x Diary Milk Caramel Bunnies
    1x Diary Milk Caramel Nibbles

    Really liking the Caramel Nibbles. Basically a giant button with a slim bit of caramel inside.


  8. Claire we need to get you instated as presenter on watchdog STAT!
    CJ Boom - fighting injustice for the people....