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Round Up

By  CJ Boom     17:12     
Best Ride:
Southampton - 5th
A freezing cold day and ground as hard as tarmac. I rode and I didn't think about my lungs or legs just keep going faster. Its hard to get your mind into that way but when you do it so motivational.

Best National Course
Bradford - Peel Park
I had flu so I couldn't ride it. I hope it is featured in the series next year

Worst Course
South East Champs - Hog Hill
I promise I will never go back there ever again.

Most Mud
Mallory Park - 8th and I had a puncture. Fun though and I was jet wash duty. Everyone should have a go at that its sooo mental!

Best B&B
Fern Cottage - Derby
Good breakfast, nice lady, funtime cats

Best Ride
Emily Barnes to National title

Most improved
Andy Waterman & David Barnes
David this year moved into the U14 category, he went from 10 minute races to 30minutes and to hurdles that are taller than his knees. Each race in the national series he got faster and faster. Finding 3rd and the podium at the Champs. I've handed down my Grey Condor to David. Good luck mate!

Best Piece of Kit
Dugasts or my Condor Frame
A friend shouted to me during the race, trust your tyres. When I was racing with Dugasts for the first time. I did and my life and speed changed forever

Best Accessory
S Works MTB shoes
The two boa's mean that you get constant tension throughout the shoe around your foot. Light and the reduced tread means the mud is shed fast making getting back into your pedals after a dismount very easy

Worst kit
Giro glasses
Sorry - they just steam up and look generally not that great on my face. If in doubt go Oakley Radars!

Best Rider
Nick Craig
A beast and generally really funny, nice guy!

Worst thing about cross this year
So cold I raced in leg warmers & having a cold for 4weeks just when I think I got to my peak of fitness. I never really recovered and a month on now have an ear infection.

Best thing
Taking the max'd out team Skoda Superb to races. There is so much space you end up taking a load of kit you are never going to need.
Training in the snow. Riding in the snow is so silent, so light and airy. You don't fear of falling off as you just land into a cloud.
Meeting Missy Dog - I'm not really into dog's but that dog was amazing.

Moment I remember
Waiting in drug control for 2 hrs with Hannah Barnes. I missed the men's race and everything.

Next year
I promise to race in Belgium.
I will buy rollers for proper
I will get into the top 5 more than once
I will race in the Eastern League, its so much better, and you win champagne and you actually race

What worked
Tabata Tuesdays
Interval runs, runs at running club on Mondays
Practising mounts and dismounts over and over again

Cross 140
So I said I'd take a picture everyday of the cross season. I did but I didn't really keep up with posting.
You should try it though its quite fun and good for documenting what you achieve.
Anyways - I missed about 7 days. Soz. so 133 of 140


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  1. Picture montage is ace Boom!

    Rollers - I've just discovered the fabulous Kreitlers. Not quite as good as the bouncy back and forwards things, but the 2.25s let you do 500w - more than enough for inside out intervals.