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The Slanket

By  CJ Boom     12:06     
I had to blur the models face out to protect his identity - not quite sure if the colour is right for him.

Anyways - introducing the slanket is probably the single best thing I got for Christmas. 
How to use - Do a training ride, sportive get home tired. Want a rest but want to play on your laptop and be warm. Get in the slanket.
The original blanket with sleeve. Snuggle in, pop your arms through the sleeves. Tap away on the laptop writing blog post, updating your riding diary, garmin uploads. Look at photos of yourself. Drink a mug of coco. Do it all but without letting the cool air get in. 

Its your must have item of the season. Forget compression wear, forget after ride shakes. This is the latest in recovery. 

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  1. Now Andy, would I be seen wearing something like that?

  2. Is it you?

    After ride shakes, oh you mean like chocolate milk? I thought you meant siting sheepishly with your head between your legs for hours unable to eat, talk or stop shivering... Am i doing something wrong? Do I need a Slanket? Do they com in blue for boys?

  3. Its not me - its a boy in the picture.
    Your doing something wrong though. Yes you do need a slanket.

    Basically all you need to know is - The Slanket: Better than antibiotics.

    Yes they make them in boys quite a few colours black, brown, khaki etc.