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New Game

By  CJ Boom     13:38     

I have a favourite loop. It takes 2hours and there are 4 hills. I never really see any cyclists and it goes into the edge of the Garden of England, Kent.

On my ride I go up Beddlestead Lane. A steady 2 mile climb and a height gain of 402 feet. I don't know what that makes the average gradient I might work it out later...

Game of no going back
Basically every 30secs go hard. Not sprint like a nutter just so its like chipping off the front. You can change up through the gears but you CANNOT change down until the 30 seconds is up then ride at a good recovery pace until the next time.
The rule about not changing down means you cannot back out and you have to commit to the effort.

My game of Odds.
The other thing I did on my ride was wear odds. So I wore my new S-Works womens shoe with my 2010 sponsor shoe Specialized Pro Womens. Just to see and feel how much difference.

Another time I rode with one Gore lightweight winter sock and one chunky Rapha one. Just to see if it was the chunk or the technical fabric keeping me warm. Maybe squishing my feet underneath the chunk was not favourable. Anyways the Gore is better for an active training session up and down the hills and the Rapha one is better for flat rides to Windsor.


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  1. 3000ft climbing overall is pretty awesome!
    I don't know that hill specifically but I love the idea of your 'no going back' set!

  2. Oh I do like The Game of Odds - what a fantastic idea! I shall be buying into that one. 2008 s-works vs 2002 DMG will be the first shoe challenge.

    Now, if you can work out how to do the same with chamois pads, that'll be great.