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Rapha 500 - Festive Fail

By  CJ Boom     13:46     
It started well with a 6.30am Tabata Turbo session but then I never managed to get the mileage high enough through family parties, celebration drinks, races and doing some National Cross Champs specific sessions.

What I think I can concur though is on a cross bike you put the same amount of effort it. But one goes at a third of the speed, therefore I think it is legitimate any cross riding I do I add on some effort mileage. Is that cheating?

23rd - Tabata Turbo - 8miles
26th - Boxing Day morning Tabata - 8miles
27th - London League Cross Race - 11miles
29th - Ride into Kent - 34 miles
30th - Cross Ride - 34miles
31st - Swaines Lane x Ventoux Challenge - 33 miles

The total -126 miles - 204km - not even half.
If I use my cheat method then it becomes 140miles - hardly worth doing the math for that.

I'm pretty happy with that though. I gotta work on my sprints and top end for next week. I had a good ride at a race in Ipswich which was a national race and finished 2nd. Final few sessions before the weekend and I'll rejoin the people of the bus for Thurs and Fri to rest my legs.

I also built a special cross bike ready for the nationals
2011 Condor Terra X w/ internal cablin. Team Ed. colours
Euro X Magnesium Cross Brakes
Dugast on Mavic Krysium
Dura Ace Groupset
44t - 38t Chainset
Ceramic BB
S Work Carbon Stem - 100mm
Deda Newton Shallow Drop - 40 c to c
Fizik Rapha Condor Limited Ed. Saddle
Fizik Team only Tape
XTR Clipless Pedals
Gore Ride On Cabling

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  1. Oh I love that new bike!!!
    Is the chainset D/A too? I just fitted a D/A 46 on my bike, looks so sexy in a bike nerd kinda way.

    Good work on trying the 'festive 500' which ATMO is what it was aimed at :)

    Happy New Year

  2. Its got a Ultegra SL chainset with strong-arm chainrings 44t / 38t. I just seem to find more happiness with 44t rather than 46t

  3. ;)

    + want to see the bike, from the side. best S.

  4. I'm going to take a picture properly tomorrow at the race with both mine and my team mate Emily's RCS Cross bike.
    My grainy iphone snap doesn't do it justice