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The latest words from Crusher
Just a reminder about Thursday night's chaingangs. Let's not let the side down, we must give it large, not lemon. Best bike, best behaviour. All  levels welcome, remember, this is a great way of learning bike skills and group riding.
Sammy and Me was chirpsing, yeah, and discussed an informal Condor hillclimb up "Low Cross Wood" in Dulwich. It's about 350-400 metres long, pretty steep and closed to traffic, so should be perfect for beginners and old dogs alike. 
Give us your views. 
We can share the timekeeping. Prizes are being donated by Fortnum and Mason. ....ok, the pound shop. Winner gets a Polka dot Buff.
Anyway, on my Walkman.....sorry, I-pod....
"I'm steel waiting"...........Diana Ross
"You make me feel, mighty steel".......Sylvester
"Can you steel it"..............Jacksons
"I can steel it, hanging in the air tonight".....Phil Collins
"I steel haven't found what I'm looking for (carbon )".....U2
"If it steels good, then do it"....Joe Cocker
"Steel be coming round the mountain when steel comes"........Oh come on, go to bed
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