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11th with 11 seconds on 10th. Darn nabbit

By  CJ Boom     15:40     
Well, despite 11th when I wanted a top 10. I had a good time in Derby. Curley showed up to cheer me on and so did Martin Povey. So many people shouted for me and I needed it.
Lap 1 didn't go so well - I feel off at every oppourtunity as I couldn't keep my bike upright. I slipped down to 17th from my front row gridding.
I shouted to Emily when I saw her on the side to tell Graham, the trusted king of the pits to let more pressure out of my front tyre. I switched to another Condor Terra-X felt much better, found some confidence then decided to get inside the pain box and fight back.
11th is my best result in a National Championship - Ben and Andy said how their legs hurt after, mine are only mildly sore. I sometimes think how I didn't try hard enough but  all I can remember of the race is a bit of green, a bit of mud and some voices so maybe I did.

There was one moment when my tummy hurt like I was going to be sick or someone punched me in it
I had probably 5 sit downs - most I've ever known
There was another moment when I couldn't really hear anything - like a long dark tunnel
There was a time when I fell up the hill and did a rollie-pollie which was embarrassing.
I think I'm over my flu though.

I was gridded next to Helen Wyman on the start which scared the daylights out of me because she's well pro and alot taller than me and has a better leg tan even though its winter.


I also made a poster for the living Vetran legend Nick Craig who raced on the Saturday to take the Vets title then showed up on Sunday to race for 5th in the elite. That is hard as nails so we made him a poster.


Paul Oldham (2011 National Champ) saw it and said he'd liked it. So I'm going to make him one for Rutland next week. Your gonna get it Oldham.

One final word has to go to Emily (my team mate) who rode back from 5th to 1st to secure a solid National Champion title. I'm just mailing her a special National Champions saddle to go on her Condor bike.

Watch this video at 7.38 - you'll see a bloke in red crash on a straight bit of course and then Jody bunny hop the hurdles which is rather natty.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaR94PlZePQ

Also I stayed at Fern Cottage they gave me a delightful scrambled eggs on toast breakfast that was really nice. I would recommend a stay at the B&B. They also have fun cats that are alittle bit chunky. Heather Cherry is a lovely owner.


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  1. that looks like porridge on toast — porridge on toast would have got you 10th.

  2. A shot of absynth would have got 10th

  3. Quality! good work Claire and all the other riders mentioned in the post - going out there and doing it week in week out. Hat!

    ps - that scrambled looks the shiz.... jus sayin'