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Cross 140

By  CJ Boom     13:18     
I read about these people who take a photo a day for a year. I couldn't really be bothered with that, I'll probably get bored, forget and then its half done and I hate that. So I decided just to do it for the cross season which works out to be roughly 140 days.
After a week its becoming difficult to be imaginative. I might have to catch the X68 bus everyday where weird things happen and that will give me some content.

The Rules for Project Cross 140 are:
1. Post no more than one photo representing each day. Regardless if you take 3 or 30 or 300 photos in a single day, each photo you post must have been taken on a different day.
2. Backlogs are acceptable, as long as #1 is satisfied. You can only upload 3 photos a day from the backlog
3. To make life easier I'm using my iphone to take pictures and I now only use this low, lack of creativity, lack adjustment camera for the season. Also allows me to upload direct to flickr without too much faff.


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  1. You gotta have rules or else become a slave to the blog.

    It might be good to see the same picture over and over on different days to see how the scene changes...

    The X68? Is that like a mystery tour, ghost bus or something, filled with zombies and goonies, ya never know where it's going or what's gonna happen?

    Hmmm, i'm sure I saw those legs at Fowlmead on Sunday?

  2. no rules are the best rules, let things flow..... best S.