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Wrinting about Riding

By  CJ Boom     16:12     

I haven't been writing about riding, because I've had a month away. I couldn't face proper racing or even really be motivated to do a proper race. I kinda didn't really care about it either. I started doing running and I even ran home from work the other day.
So now, I've had a rest, I'm due for my annual trip to the snow for a bit of ski-boarding this weekend. When I get back I shall return to the wonders of cycling.

I have four pave / grave based rides planned. I have some ViCiOUS Velo kit on the way to me, a new (but old) boutiful training bike in the wings, where once the bottom of Dean Downing has sat.

My white Condor shall be cleaned up all nice and the race wheels slipped in.
I'm going to get some rollers, make my Look carbon / cast lug frame into a town fixie.
KERBLOOM. With mud still in my hair, cheeks full of Mule Bar Cherry Bomb and Frites. The season of cycling shall begin.

I'm quite looking forward to it.
Riding fast. Sweat dripping off my nose. Face hot. Restless legs tired when I want to sleep. Watery eyes on the descents. Legs hurting before lungs.

I go in search of pounding dub-step music and podcasts to feed into my ear holes for when I'm on the rollers or turbo. Then the turbo gets too hard and the music and everything irritates me and I pull the ear phones out and ride with only the sound of my blood thumping in my ear. Ever had that?....

By the way - the bee gees have started riding bikes. 

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  1. I find Dubstep is too slow for training, but yeh ive had the earphone thing. Cant wear them anymore, too fiddly and distracting

  2. tip for training podcasts - lots of the rinse fm ones are good (roska is great)
    also check out any night slugs label mixes - also boom fresh for turbo sessions!

    good to have some readin bout riding going on, altho i love the kindle banter if im honest.... maybe time to start a kindle-banter blog also ;)