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repetitive stress / carpal tunnel syndrome.

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I'm riding Paris-Roubaix this year.
I rode it 2-3 years ago. It is nothing like anything I've ridden before or since. Literally by the final sector I could barely hold my bars. True I was riding with boys and Ian Cleverly who were trying to smash each other. I got to the velodrome and thought I was going to cry because every 1km was 1 to many.
I only wanted to eat savoury food.
I remember I drank a red liquid a feed station and shook it up on the next cobble section and puked up red sick.

The day after I couldn't change gear in my car for the pain in my wrists.
Anyways I'm going again. Its epic. I have to go.

So I'm going to smash about on some cobbles in preparation. I'm also going to ride the Ronde van Oost Lancashire invented by CrossJunkie. It will be the final preparation before the Hell of the North.
I got the top pic from Dave Haygarth's blog

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  1. I knew I recognised you; you rode P-Rx with Scott Bugden and John Molyneaux's party? I was there too, finishing somewhat behind you after constantly battling cramp from about 200k's in. And bleeding blistered palms. EPIC!

    I went for the green energy drink and, the dislike for another energy gel or bar stays with me to this day! The feed stop with the meats and cheeses was Nirvana!

    I hope the ASO event in April doesn't supercede the sportif every other summer.

    My last cross race this Sunday :(

  2. yeh i was on that trip. blimey - small world!
    it was good, but not what i was ready for! at least it was flat and turned sunny and dusty.

    I stood there eating that salami as if it was going out of fashion. Everyone was else was looking at me - like how can you eat that stuff?

  3. Riding in the cobblestones is terrible for the arms,wrist,hands...just do like some pro's for that magical day and tape your wrists it work's!!!! In 2010 I have done Paris-Roubaix cyclo this way and I have finished in great condition,much better than Ronde Van Vlaanderen in 2009 after a bad choice of frame,wheels and tyre pressure ;-)))