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By  CJ Boom     16:52    Labels: 

Another train/tube kindle user. And I blatantly took a picture of her, because she's a kindle user and therefore technically beneath me. So i can be that rude.

Even though she looks to be a well rounded person. It seemed my journey would be dull then blammo. She brought out the kindle, she even had a pink leather type case for it. So she's committed to it as well...

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  1. You mean there is a pecking order of these things??? YIKES!

  2. Err, is your overpriced gadget better than her overpriced gadget or something? Can't understand the issue with Kindles ... unless you're jealous maybe?

  3. I can't afford an iPad, I'd rather spend my money going to Paris roubaix on a garmin 500 or new rollers.
    I only just figured out how to make an iMac do a right click. There is no pecking order really, I like kindle just they look quite fake on the adverts, like a massive calculator.
    A man was reading an iPad on the tube 2 days ago, I did think hmm your probably going to get robbed in the next 10mins

  4. Hear, hear! iphone, ipad, kindle - no. New tubs, wheels, chains, cassettes - yes. Necessity rather than frivolity for me...

    P.S. hope to see you on the RVOL

  5. I will be on the RVOL - i booked my B&B yesterday. I'll be on a white Condor

  6. Claire, your becoming a street photographer? ;) and where have you been last Thursday?