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Mickey Mouse Win

By  CJ Boom     10:50     
This weekend there were so many races going on and I wish I could have ridden all of them.
It was my turn to assist at the Rapha Condor Crit series at hog hill and I chose to ride the womens race.

I wish I could have ridden with Ang in the Tour of Wales stage race as Maryka's tweets make it sound like a great event and I think she walked away with the leaders jersey. Elsewhere Curles, Katie and Rach went really far north like 6 hours away or something to Capernway National Road Race. I would have loved to ride that race on the Sunday but I wouldn't be able to get there after Hog Hill.

So anyway I made the most of being able to race on Saturday at Hog Hill. It was a bit of a mickey mouse race, with most of the strong London riders in Capernway or Wales. But a win is a win and Tash and I worked hard in the race, made the most of being able to do hill repeats on a closed circuit. Did work on the front, attacked and when it came to the final climb. I sprinted away to make sure a Rapha Condor name came over the line first. I would have loved it if Tash had won, I couldn't have raced without her. She has a high tempo that I can just sit on her wheel and she chips away leading me along.
One word - TEAM


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  1. A win's a win!
    Showboatin' twice in a week, nice going.