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A tunnel of love

By  CJ Boom     09:45     
I've not ridden a hill climb before, but basically I put it down to spriting well hard up a hill then when you get kinda near the top sprint harder alittle bit more.
I did plenty of hill reps out in Italy and a few in France, some seated some out the saddle all the way. I reckon that probably didn't really help.
So Rollapulza held the first ever santioned closed road Urban Hill Climb, up Swains Lane in Highgate North London. Well run, well organised, shame the weather was crappy.

I can remember everything up to where the road closes up into a cover single lane twisting up enclosed by two huge walls of a cemetary.
It felt like I was in a tunnel. And to one side of me all I could here was noise of the crowd.
Where the road flattens slightly - that is the worst part, I just could not turn my legs. I tried so hard to sprint but I don't know if that's what it look like.
The atmosphere was good too.
Oh I won the womens. 2min and 8secs.
Photo - Andy Waterman tooks loads of wicked pics - check em on his Flickr

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