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Hurry up and blog already...

By  CJ Boom     15:44     
I got a couple of messages about doing and blog posts and when the hell am I going to update Cross 140. I've been taking pictures (honest), I just got super busy. Launched a new range at the cycle show, did some cross races - some I did good, some I goof'd then I launched my first ever proper website (http://www.condorcycles.com/). It still needs some work. Like a new born baby, it needs constant care. But you don't know these things till they are born.

We launched with some exciting stuff which I'm pretty proud of, that I help be part of the creative, like a director, like the Rider Stories and we have little sound bites online, i mixed them myself, i know its poor but i think im clever. I love the time lapse video of the bike fit with Andy Waterman. Our new photography has worked out real nice for the bikes. I think its fair to say I was the pushy one, saying how I wanted it. No compromise. I love the blog, I love the twitter. I love sitting down for a couple of hours each week and thinking up a blog schedule. I love how so many people have taken the time to comment on the website via twitter and how many followers we have considering we don't have millions.
Right so Cyclo Cross.... so far... next blog

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