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HM The Queen

By  CJ Boom     13:12     
I like Queen Elizabeth II. She reminds my of my Grandma who funnily enough copied my name, Claire.
My Grandma was definately a fan.  I once worked at an event attended by the Queen and told my Grandma she instantly stopped what she was doing and asked me what the Queen wore. My dad met the Queen and I know she was instantly interested.
The Queen named her Corgi Susan and my Aunty has the same name, surely that is no co-incidence.
My Grandma didn't live in London but in Shropshire and wore wellies and heads scarves just like Her Majesty.She had hair like her and glasses. She wore the same clothes and read HELLO.

I love seeing the Queen in her Imperialist form from the 1950's and I like to see her using everyday items, like a mobile phone, camera, eating a sandwich.
She's got her own website stashed with facts. In my latest research I found out Princess Ann's dog attacked and killed a Corgi. The Queen has also clubbed to death a bird (to put it out of its misery) that got half munched by a dog when she was out walking.
Next, I'm going to write her a letter.
The Queen with Susan the Corgi

The Queen sitting

The Queen with her first Corgi, Susan.
An 18th birthday present
The Queen with her Leica

The Queen, aged 2, with Pet Parrot


The Queen with a stick

The Queen making a face

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  1. But did you know I was once married to Princess Ann?

  2. I've never seen her on a bike. Only ever horses. Come on Ma'am. It's never too late.