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2012 TdF

By  CJ Boom     17:21     
"I’ve enjoyed the Tour de France but, so far, I think the highlights DVD won’t be a blockbuster because Wiggins and his team have controlled the race. For me a good race sees the yellow jersey flutter from shoulder to shoulder like a butterfly on a summer breeze. But this year Cancellara netted the yellow butterfly in the prologue. A week later Wiggins and Sky team have caught it and look to set to mount it in a glass case for display in a London museum."

"We’ll have to see what the Pyrenees bring. There’s a risk the race for yellow falls flat. Blondin described a stage of the 1972 Tour where the “Aubisque and Tourmalet had become boulevards” and we could see Wiggins taking his Froome-dog for a stroll."

From The INRNG

I certainly agree. Total dominance lead us to finally dislike Armstrong and cheer for the underdog.

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  1. The French hate it ... but I love it. Go Wiggo!!

  2. Its good. It's like the weather we complain when it rains and when it's sunny it's 'too hot'.
    Britain is an uber cycling nation, move over Italy and France.

  3. from all the cycling events in the world, the Tour de France is the biggest event and the one I like the most because it is well covered by the media and in which the best cyclists compete