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The aeroplane taking off

By  CJ Boom     23:12     
I've been putting in a bit more turbo time recently. I'd prefer to go to the park but the constant rain and Army Fitness groups keep putting me off.
For the turbo to truly be bearable you need a good set up and I have found something that just about works for me.

1. No loud music from a hi fi. If my neighbour was next door making a noise like a plane was taking off that was intertwined with thumping dance music I think I'd be very upset.

2. Got an interval app on the iPhone. Then i can hear it ding and buzz and what not whenever. And you can listen to music at the same time.

3. Got pro summer shorts. Lighter the material the better as there is no wind to cool you down, key is that it has a back radio pocket, so you can slot your iPhone into it and listen to music and hear the dings of the interval without the cable whipping around your knees and face.
I like the Rapha Pro Team shorts, ViCiOUS Velo team shorts or Craft Cape Epic bibs. They meets requirement perfectly.

4. Buy some Skull Candy over the head ear phones from TK Maxx in Clapham.
I don't know about sound but they block out the turbo noise, they make music sound better and fit nicely around my ears and head rather than
Apple's earphones. They feel like someone trying to put their fist in my ear.

5. Download BBC iplayer. Listen to radio shows rather than over play ones music and get bored of it. Latest tunes and they are free. That has kept me entertained pretty well so far, I have a tendency to make a playlist and play it 100 times within a week then decide I hate all the songs on the list.

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