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Sheldercross - Soudal Classic - Antwerp

By  CJ Boom     15:23     

I did this race. I really enjoyed the course. The weather was very cold but there was sun. 
Good experience running and riding in proper sand.
I would do this race again and then stay for a race on the Sunday.

I finished 19th or maybe 20th. Would have liked to have been in the top 15. Would need to go 10 seconds per lap fasterto make up that time to get top 15. It is easily possible. 
Got a few things to work on to come back stronger.

Credit: Cyclephotos.co.uk / Balint Humvas


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  1. Top 20 in that field Claire, is fantastic! Well done!!

  2. My head is also in the first shot, stood at the back, just to the west of Delia's head. A few seconds later I was on my toes the wrong way round the circuit to get to the pits to watch the magic unfold.