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By  CJ Boom     18:08     
Quote from an article in the Huffington Post:

"The gift of dyslexia is not the inability to read or write. It’s the incredible ability to see things from different angles. That is what makes a creative genius. The dyslexic mind approaches problems by visualizing things from all viewpoints. Literally moving their mental POV to whatever angle that helps them ‘see’ the solution.
This ability allows sculptors to ‘see’ what is inside a block of marble. It enables designer to imagine things into reality. It’s this brilliant gift that makes creativity come easily. Their problem solving ability is not a result of their challenge with words. Creative problem solving IS their gift"

I think I'm dyslexic, well, I haven't taken a test though so maybe its just proof reading laziness. I find that I'll read something maybe 2-3 times and see words I've written that are there but when someone else comes to read the words are jumbled forwards and backwards. I often write peoples names down but will write down the wrong letter or add the letter in the wrong order. I always makes mistakes when writing thank-you or birthday cards and there is no turning back once you've messed up a birthday card.
I like to read James Bond book because they are thin but often the spacing between the lines is too narrow and I have to go back and read the page again because I don't understand what is being described. I like to read James Bond because its not really more than 200 pages and that doesn't frighten me so much. A book that is really thick frightens me. 
There are other examples I can't think of right now. Hmm, I think I just might have to take my time alittle bit and slow down. 

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  1. Nice piece. Out of interest, you may have a 'binocular instability.' I went to the optician for a Dyslexia test and was told my eyes don't work together.it is really quite interesting. So left eye reads beginning of word and right eye reads end. OK, so this sounds like some internet self diagnosis rubbish but thought you'd be interested. A good optician that understand reading issues would test (rather than the usual fair that just want to sell glasses and move on).

  2. Hey Calum. Thanks that is very interesting, I'll look into that one.