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London League Round 2

By  CJ Boom     20:48     
Short hop down to East Grinstead for a hot sunny race at dusty Deers Leap Park. A full off road course of hard compacted ground made for a fast race.
I have to admit my skill couldn't keep up with the speed and on lap 2 I head butted a tree after becoming magnetised towards it on the steep descent. Smash my head, grazed my neck an crooked my jaw. In the following days it hurt to chew.
From there I lost alot of places and time. Plus lost alot of confidence.
Was lapped by the ladies leader but not by other female competitors  and I feel the results were incorrect and I completed 7 laps not 6 finally finishing 3rd. Results place me 5th. Appealing the result.
The race left me in a slump but motivation has picked up and looking forward to round 3

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