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Carbon vs. Alloy issue

By  CJ Boom     12:47     
I've decided that my budget 3t bar from 2003 is not comfortable or suitable for getting the best. My little girl hands are too far away fro mthe levers and they force my position far too low affecting balance through winding sections. The decision is thus do I hit up a carbon bar that I already own ITM millenium or rock the alloy NEW 3t Ergosum but have to wait for 2 more races until I can get my hands on one.

While I'm on the subject of things that are for riding. The new Giro Prolight arrived for me last week. They were launched at the 2009 Tour and is the lightest helmet ever since records began etc etc. It clearly lighter than the Spesh 2D i'm using. Some folks say you either have a Specialized head or a Giro, urban legend and vainity i think rather than a design fact?.

Spesh I think sit taller while Giro sit more like a ball on me. The design is different possibly as revolutionary as when they were first released in 1986. Couple more races before I make judgement.

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