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Track Induction

By  CJ Boom     15:10     

I rode the wooden Newport track last year in a 3 hour session under the watchful eyes of @booseythebarn aka Martyn Frank.
FYI - it was a really good session and great coaching that I really enjoyed, just annoying Newport is 3hrs drive away!
I thought I would finally go down to Herne Hill track. I'm pretty much there the whole time during the winter for CX but never actually ridden there for the purpose it was built for... track racing.

Everyone must do an induction, it is mainly to ensure everyone will ride safely.
The induction teaches you to look before you move. The banking isn't as steep as at Newport or Manchester so it is not as critical you understand about pressing on in the banking.

Inductions are every Saturday
Register before 11.30
Cost - £8
You can borrow a track bike (bring trainers) or take your own and the coaches will check it.
You must take gloves.
It's pretty simple and the session was basic and didn't require having any kind of racing fitness.
About 20 people showed up under an over cast sky.
Next week there are training sessions £6 for me to try out and progress to Intermediate training.

I just can't believe for all the years I've lived next to Herne Hill I've not gone down there.

Phil, Clive and all the yellow bibbed coaches are friendly and helpful.

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