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By  CJ Boom     18:26     
I have started to find that a good cup of coffee in the morning before a ride, race or day of work is very settling.
I always try to have this drink when sitting down. I don't like to stand in the kitchen and just dash it down my neck, but sip and look at it and drink it.

I've not really settled on a coffee though, which was annoying me, as soon as one bag was done I was buying another retaining little loyalty to a roaster.

Monmouth - Espresso blend
JaJu Beans - Honduros Roast
Paniagua - EPO blend
Lavazza - Espresso ground
Algerian Coffee - Espresso Beans
Square Mile - (ergh, the current taste of London, boring!)

I have also suddenly started to freshly grind the coffee from beans. I'm not sure it has an impact on flavour but the continuos almost rhythmical movement helps me wake up and bring myself round.
I've got three grinders. This wooden box thing that looks pretty on a shelf but seems to produce iron fillings.
A little handheld Hairo thing that ended up with me accidentally up punching myself in the mouth when using it - absolutely useless.


A secret Santa present turned up after Christmas. It was presented in a cute wicker basket and contained, another grinder and another bag of beans, orange and almond biscotti and chocolate coated beans.
The person that gave it to me couldn't really go wrong with that approach but what they didnt realise is that it has turned out to be one of the best presents I've had of late.

Grinder - Tiamo (love it)
Coffee - JaJu Beans, Brighton- House Blend Rich Roast (my taste for winter)

It works in both my Bireletti and in the espresso machine.

*presses save, starts grinding beans.*


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  1. Another good espresso bean to try is James Gourmet Formula 6 - http://www.jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product.php/46/formula-6-espresso-beans-; really tasty; hints of chocolate, that sort of thing (I don't especially like Square Mile either). I once bought a single origin Brazilian thing from Monmouth. Turned out to be one the nicest coffees I've ever had.