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Peel Park

By  CJ Boom     21:29     

2013 was the year Nikki Harris broke Helen Wymans firm grip on the white/red/blue jersey. The venue is a place I chose to ride my first national champs back in 2009, I always like to return to it.

The course has changed quite significantly since then, the organisers have taken out the stone step run up but added a much more technical off camber. They introduced one of the toughest and best descents I've ever ridden but in 2013 decided to smooth if back out. Resulting in far less crowd pleasing crashes. .

Balint Humvas took this photo. I like it because:
It is raw, he shot it on a compact camera and processed it (probably at Boots)
It is me on my favourite CX course
I always feel secure on the course and achieve my best results (10th Nat Champs 2013, 5th 2012 Nat trophy series, 5th 2011 Nat Trophy).
My kit is a beacon against the dark ever present mud of Bradford
It is the bottom of the wind beaten road section. It is here you say to yourself "I'm going to attack this, this lap, while everyone else is riding I'm attacking." Half way up, "Oh god, why did I put in so much effort at the bottom. Where is the top."
I look alone, pretty much how one is in most CX races in Britain. You are alone within the course tape but there is no silence.

Thank-you to everyone who supported me in the race.

Taken by (Balint) Cyclephotos.co.uk from stone Victorian bridge in Peel Park the location of the British National Championship.



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