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The Ride - Issue VII

By  CJ Boom     13:47     
The Ride Journal launched their seventh issue last night at Look Mum No Hands Cafe.

The new issue features a fresh new ad campaign for the Super Acciaio. The ads move away from hardened northern environment with a painted fan message on the climb to a hazy summer day and the inclusion of a Rapha-Condor JLT rider.
The shot is marked by a few lines, and offset position of the rider. The aim was the highlight the delights that a simple blast of acceleration down a favourite road can bring to anyone from team rider in training to one, my myself, out for a jaunt.

Tao and myself also add some literary flair (well Tao does) to pages 44 and 30 (respectively), while former Condor pro and 60s TdF rider Colin Lewis tells a story too.


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