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By  CJ Boom     12:59     
Yeh. So, I had a 1 on 1 owl experience day. Sadly it was in the freezing cold sleeting rain.
Neither me or the owls were really than enthused by it. But getting plenty of owls to fly to my glove and feed them a bit of chicken soon made me forget about how it was 1degree and I wish I'd worn Gore-Tex.

Also got to mess about with a Hawk and a Vulture that had a 7 foot wingspan.

The owls I met were Tawny Owl, Eagle Owl (a bit scary), Spotted Owl and Great Gray Owl.
They don't weigh anything and they are super soft.
Yeh it was fun. I'd like to do it again. Owls are fun.

This one looked well angry

Then he decided to stand on the floor


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