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Nearly 100

By  CJ Boom     10:29     
Rapha have pledged to get 100,000 women to ride 100km on the 7th July.
The 7th is also the day of the Etape, an event that follows the route of one stage of the Tour de France, which also happens to be celebrating its 100th year.

After only riding for up to an hour through the winter (Sept to Jan) as part of cyclo cross training, last weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and do a proper cycle. I sort of dreaded it, I don't really know why. All the terrible experiences of cycling flashed into my head. Apparently its your inner chimp, trying to stop you from doing something. (read Mind Management, if you want more of that guff)

I have recently become the owner of a new-old bicycle. The 2009 team bike, Dean Downing used whilst he was National Criterium Champion. I already ride an ex-Deano bike that is mudguard equipped and happens to be be that his size and shape is exactly how I like to ride, so a racier Dura-Ace equipped version with chunks PRO 125mm stem was very welcome.

I rode from South West London over the North downs looped around the lovely Hever Castle then back over the North Downs and into London. A loop just shy of Rapha 100km target at 92km or 58miles

Such was the enjoyment of my sojourn in the sun, I headed out the next day on a similar route for more. And an excuse to make more cake and eat it.


Over the next weekend, I shall attempt to make up the 8 km's I was missing and make it to a round 100. 
You can share in everyone elses attempts to cycling 100km with the hastag #womens100


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  1. Nice!!! have just been robbed of time myself to get proper riding in, so sick of RePk laps and the rollers! will give it a crack on tuesday when back up north... cheers for the inspo