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2013 Rapha Supercross

By  CJ Boom     11:29     

Raced Rapha Supercross riding in the elite race for Yorkshire.
Good to race the whole series and good that the riders in the elite women were the same competitors in the National level races.

First round was really good, Broughton Hall was a brilliant course, it had a mix of everything including forced rest sections. Here I'd grab a few gulps and ride fast for the next tough section. When you get to the tough sections you need to 'Energise'. A phrase used by Seth Smith from the Yorkshire Team. Its a good word. Its not a negative word, it sort of inspires, instead of saying 'dig in' or 'push on'. When he first said it I thought it was nonsense but makes alot of sense when you riding.

 Second round was hard and overnight my back has seized into a ball of pain. I'm not sure what caused it, maybe lifting bikes into the car at a funny angle. I think I ended up second to last. The long steep hill after the thick custard style mud didn't help. I was pretty annoyed after a good top 8 ride at Broughton.

Pain ensued for the following week. I didn't do much training which made me panic because I'm meant to be building toward riding the Koppenberg (which would be the following week).
I skipped out going to a Hen Party on the Friday night for fear of making the back feel worse and not healing.
I headed to a wedding on Saturday, was 'forced' to stay up till 2am. Luckily the clocks went back on Saturday so it wasn't too bad.
Sunday - didn't feel great. I felt worn out and tired. Aching. I got up at 8am drove to London for the Ally Pally race.

That said race was ok. Faded half way in the headwind, did a gel, got better but I'd already let the field escape me. Thinking back, this is where I should have pushed on got on the wheel of the Felt rider. Finished within the top 10. But not sure where!

There are some great images on Build, Rinse Repeat
Reports are here: Round 1, 2, 3
Image: Build Ride Rinse - Erik Jonsson

No offence to British Cycling, but Rapha Super Cross had the elite field of the National Trophy's but it brought the atmosphere and crowd too. The National Trophies, I think are a bit of a joke. It is not the organisers fault, gosh, I'm thankful they step up and organise. It is the lack of support they receive from the governing body....


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  1. Totally agree with your last point. Real shame BC can't learn from the likes of Ian Cleverly and the Supercross massive.

  2. If your back is that bad and you have a big race coming up did you not think of going to see a physio who could sort you out and let you know what the problem was?

  3. @Anonymous - yes I see Matt Rabin a Chiropractor for Garmin-SHARP.
    A bit of clicking and pushing isn't going to heal torn things instantly.
    But if the Broughton Hall race on Saturday ends at 4pm and the race in Manchester on Sunday begins at 1pm. Suggest to me how I can see someone in that time. Just have to get on and race....?