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Blackpool and Mud

By  CJ Boom     17:27     
At the weekend had a spin on a folder in a bike race and also a 40 mile ride out into Blackpool. I met Sam (SamBam if you follow @Raphaj's or @RaphaCondor 's twitter), Briggsy's girlfriend who is well fun and totally cool. She has only been cycling for 6 weeks and she's properly good at it.
Wednesday evewas a 53 minute cyclo-cross race. First of the season and the first time I'd actually got on my cross bike for about 7 months.
Good ride but I lacked the technical. Won the womens race but there were only 4 of us. I want to ride my bike in mud not really interested in the result only to judge my performance.
Mud was so gross, it got everywhere, the weather was wet wet wet. But I liked it really. People always describe cross as 'Hell'.
Examples: A Sunday in Hell (film), Muddy Hell (event), Hell on Wheels (film). Its not hell, its cross and I like it that way. Happy Face, I'm glad its back.

Oh that Tour de France stage winner Rubens - got to have coffee with him

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  1. Ain't nothing as fun as going and getting dirty and not getting a telling off from your Mum for it!

    Love the last two pics!
    T-12 to Round 1 of the London League! Not that I'm counting!