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Learn alittle bit more, too late

By  CJ Boom     09:33     
The second-fastest runner in the world
secretly hates everyone.
As he stretches
each morning
he yells at his legs.

As he lays in bed
each evening
he prays
for the quick death
of his rival.

Then his parents would finally be proud.

I did not have a good ride at the National Crit Champs on Sunday. I slipped off the front group, stopped, then restarted. Fool. Firstly when I slipped off the front group, didn't dig in and they were gone. I don't know why I didn't dig. Its 48 hours later and I still can't understand it. I never really get fussed about these things, I move on, next race. There is no next time because the season is now over. And I'm still fussed about it because I built it up, I was riding a matching team bike, full 7900 Dura, It was in front of everyone, the team and I wanted to finish up the front. When I stopped it was long enough to get shouted at by John. Then rejoin with the dropped riders. In the back group we were lapped and the riders in the 2nd group weren't going fast enough. Katie and I dragged their sorry asrses round for the final 10 minutes. I must have finished about 10th or 11th.
I'm sorry John, after all your effort.
Next time, I've learnt my lesson. Never stop and don't just walk to the entrance of the pain cave at least go in and look around.

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  1. "...dragged their sorry arses around..." We all start somewhere, a little humility would go amiss.