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Paul Smith - Signed - Amazing

By  CJ Boom     17:05     
I went to the Blackpool Nocturne at the weekend, I raced the Folding Bike Race, did a wee ride with Dan Craven and Benji Greenwood from the team then met up with the rest of the team after we stopped at a pub for lunch.
We had a great time underneath the lights of that strange place and it was working out to be a pretty good weekend.
THEN suddenly Deano was handing me my iPhone after he picked it off the floor. I checked my handbag and realised my recently purchase Paul Smith / Rapha Condor wallet had gone.
Gutted is not the word.
I didn't lose any cash, my cards got cancelled but I've still lost something that is so unbelievably cool. Some horrible person from Blackpool doesn't even realise what they have. I bet they threw that beautiful thing in the sea.

Long story short, A note arrived today. Inked from Paul Smith himself and in the package was a replacement.
I cannot say thank-you enough.


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1 comment:

  1. A**holes!

    Great touch for the new wallet though!
    Nice one Paul!