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New Old Bicycle

By  CJ Boom     12:34     
My around town mash up bike was stolen, no thanks to my sister. It was green and had Ultegra hubs built on Open Sport rims, cut down black flat bar, mudguards and 8 speed gears. It was known as 'The Sticker Bike' owing to the high percentage of bicycle brand stickers I littered all over the frame. So now I have an opening, many enquired within.

After my experience of track (a few weeks back) and at the same time successful first fixed ride ever, I'm now ready for fixed around town.
Ben's hand me down a steel lugged Carlton frame and it has been selected as the finalist to replace ye' ol' sticker.

The build is shaping up like this:
Silver moutasche bar
Silver Condor front brake
Keeping the original centre pull brake
Silver Sugino chainset (because it was free)
Silver slightly deep section wheelset (don't like, would rather shallow box section rims, but beggers can't be choosers).
Condor flat chrome pedals with black straps and Gold detailing (freebie so no colour option)

To complete I need to decide on a few things. These are the options
A Saddle ...
Brooks Swallow in black
Brooks Colt Purple
New a racer style e.g. Selle Italia Flight

Finishing the Handlebar...
Bar tape
Track Rubber Grips
Brooks leather bar tape, black
Oury BMX grips?

Of the build experience I must say. I have enjoyed it immensley, cleaning it up, taking apart and fiddling about with bits. Whacking it a bit. Figuring out what the unusual eyelets and guides are for.
Gives you a sense of personal achievement. Is this why boys take apart electrical items, even if they are only semi-broken?
The purpose of the bike is it is to be ridden, dropped and skirt the criminal underword. Flirt with bike theives daring them to steal it while locked outside the Prince Regent.
I've only had it for a week but to me its got a personality and thus it would be greatly missed if the shonky old thing was stolen. I must really like bicycles, huh!

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  1. Cute bike! Love it I need a use it and abuse it bike! time to start scouring the freeads.

    I have a fairly new Flite gel flow if you want it?

  2. Got me a Brooks Swallow - at the moment it's on the Acciaio whilst I break it in. Must admit, it's the most comfortable saddle I've ever own. It's even super comfy ambling about town in jeans. Highly recommended.