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Things I want to see at this years tour

By  CJ Boom     10:03     
1. An angry Cadel rant
Extra star points
If his dog is anywhere near. He uses a dog to hit the cameraman.

2. Cav in green. I met the chap, nice. I massively enjoy his tweets. Smiley, not rude, very long eyelashes.

3.An incident of slapping, fighting or headbutting on a bike while the peleton rides past French school children making the shape of a baguette in a field.

4.A lance style killer look back. The death stare must come on the mountain.
Extra Star points
If a Schlek does it to Contador. Lance is on the side of Alpe d'Huez eyeballing everyone else.

5. Actually catch John Herety on Eurosport talking the Tour.
Extra star points
Herety wearing a t shirt with my face on it or the words BOOM

6.Millar in a lone break away and him time trialling to the line.
Extra star points
Millar wears that beret on the podium 

7.An off the bike fight
Extra star points
Riders fight in cleats

8. A rider attacks on the climb but then falls off and has to ride themselves back to the group.

9.Someone crying because they have won, either as they come over the finish line or whilst they stand on the podium. I want to see real tears, people, not a meek sniffle.

10.A champagne related incident on the podium
Extra star points
Its a British rider. Cork in the eye of that funny tiger cuddly toy they always give away.


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  1. Cork in the eye could be fatal!

  2. haha... winner this. hilarious.

  3. Brilliant!
    I don't know about John Herety in a 'BOOM!' T-shirt, I wanna see Cav in one, whilst Ned Boulting catches up with him at the team bus. Maybe an undershirt, beneath the GREEN JERSEY! You really, really, really need to market these!!!

  4. Ha, made my afternoon this, great stuff BOOM,