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By  CJ Boom     18:03     
Baby wipes are a staple and always in my race bag. Especially in the cross season. They are handy to for  wiping your face post race, pre podium. Sprucing up your bike pre race when you don't have time to splash a load of water all over it.
The number one rule of pro euro cycling - ness. Is a gleaming clean bike at public events. Am I right?

Got some of these new Muc-off wipes to try. Not ideal to rub them on your face becayse they are beaded and ideal from removing serious grime. I found they are handy for getting in nooks and crannies.Good for removing built up brake dust in headset gap between fork and frame. They leave a good sparkle, minimal fuss and grime on hands. Tough rags that don't tear even when sufficient elbow grease is applied or forced against chainrings.

Summary: last minute, corner cutting, cleaning device.


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