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Euro Fans

By  CJ Boom     14:40     
I put my hand up and said I'd do it. Basically nearly every day someone inside the Rapha Condor Sharp machine gets an email or a letter from someone inside the Western / Southern Euro Zone requesting team cards.

So far they have sent me
1. A coupon for french money
2. Stamp addressed envelopes
3. Envelopes where they have written postage paid
4. a 2 euro coin
5. 4x 5 euro notes
6. some kinda of weird mugshot
7. someone has asked me for a CD ROM of the team
8. a spanish chap told me he had the biggest collection of team cards in spain
9. hand written letters confessing love for Rapha Condor Sharp

Yeh right, like Mr Postie will accept that


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  1. Claude Chatelier has such neat handwriting. I have handwriting envy :(

  2. In general I'm finding all the French fans have great handwriting. The team is off to France again today. So fingers crossed for some more stuff.

  3. I've just re read the Claude Chatelier letter in detail.
    It says Dear Mr Herety.....
    blah blah
    "I remembering you also win a prlogue in France with Tavr j'Indie et Louie 1982 with Team Coop Mercier Mavic"
    blah blah

    Blimey Claude is a super fan!

  4. Those French seem to have it all :(
    Including the cycling anoraks ;) - Claude definately deserves a team card!

  5. UPDATE!
    Claude has written to me again. He said he's looking forward to seeing the team race at the Boudes de la Mayenne (last weekend).
    I think I have a pen pal?