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I'm basically a celeb magnet

By  CJ Boom     09:54     
Actually that is so far from the truth its not true, but since I got shockingly bad at cycling for whatever reason. Too much cake, virus, too much cycling, these cycling super stars keep cropping up.
So 2 weeks ago I chatted to Victoria Pendleton. Last week I had a Pizza Express with the Rapha Condor Sharp boys after their win at Peterborough and Russ Downing sat next to me.
Last night I attended the launch of the David Miller new book at the delightful Paul Smith store on Floral Street.
There were a fair few names there as you'd expect and Philip Diprose's wife (The Ride Journal) basically grabbed Cav and forced us to have a photo. I was embarassed but I'm glad she did it.
Then Graham Bell from Ski Sunday popped up and I grabbed him too. 
I could get used to trying to get my photo taken with people rather than cycling.


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  1. Cool photo's you blend in perfectly withe th 'rich' and famous! :)