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Weekend with Lulu

By  CJ Boom     14:36     
Andrew Diprose (The Ride Journal) and I were looking through old stuff from Monty's first years when he started Condor .I found a photograph with 'weekend with Lulu' written on the back in blue ink.This is what was on the front.
After 3 hours of going down memory lane my fingers had that weird oily, dirty, grubby feeling. #oldvintagestuff

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  1. Where I she? The pint-sized glaswegian pop-princess of the past.

  2. I know what this is now. A weekend with Lulu is a film starring Leslie Philips and Bob Monkhouse. Somewhere in there must be a Condor bike or Monty Young, the owner of Condor

  3. Leslie Philips joined a Tour de France ride during the film. Perhaps they were recruited to be in the film, as that's LP right there...?