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By  CJ Boom     13:32     

I was given a present. Well, more that someone was given a sample and its not to their taste. They are tasteless by my standards.
Here are some points I'd like to raise about my new favourite bike thing:

1. Do you have a bag that you can see your face in?
2. All that glitters is gold
3. But proper riders don't ride with saddlebags? Well, my girl back is small and I can't fit anything in my jersey pockets. How else should I carry my wedge keys and gas for inner tubes?
4. Sometimes something is so ugly it becomes beyond ugly it becomes cool?
5. This is going on my bike asap
6. Shall I ride with it at the Tour Series, that is going too far isnt it?
7. Is gold bar tape is too much I'm not Cancellera. (I'll do another post about that)


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