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Racing Through the Dark

By  CJ Boom     11:38     

I first Wikipedia'd David Millar (properly) when his signed jersey turned up at in a marketing office I was working at and the then Finance Director refused to frame it and put it on the wall. That was back when Saunier Duval-Prodir was a team.
I thought it was the best thing ever. He was a real cycling star and a British star. It had been signed in this awful thick black marker pen onto a lycra jersey. The ink had gone everywhere. It still has never made it to the wall of jerseys in that vast head office despite Millar's detailed explainations of his mistakes and his reasonings.
I always paid attention to Millar's results at various Tours from '06 because he's a Brit and on the British Channels they highlight the placings of the Brits plus he also places pretty high prologue's.
He came into Condor last year to pick up a few items but it was a Saturday. So I missed the visit.

I first heard Millar speak at a charity gala at Christmas '10. He was their dressed in a kilt and sporron, glasses etc. He spoke extremely well and I was surprised, not sure why, because I hadn't formulated any for thoughts about the man.
Last night at the launch I was invited, not that he knows who I am. I was chatting to head of the RC club Charlie Pearch and Millar walks over. He greets him like an old mate and I'm briefly introduced. I can barely see the top of his head.
And that was it.  
I wasn't able to buy the book on the night. So have pre ordered. Quite looking forward to it now. I don't normally get excited about books as I've always got something to read.
Earned myself a very nice cap, musette and branded bottle. In my musette was a packet of Shot Blocks for some reason I decided to eat them on the way home and then I couldn't go to sleep.

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  1. in case you are interested, we chatted to Millar in Belgium before Liege about his book, here's the interview


  2. I think I'm going to have to pre-order his book as well! I've always liked the guy and we're all human.