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By  CJ Boom     17:06     

I decided if David Barnes, aged 12 can do it. I'm sure I could figure it out.

Had my first go, ever, at riding the track. It was also my first go at riding a fixed wheel bike. At the begining of the session there was a tumble and 4 riders went down like skittles. My life flashed before my eyes, there was frantic wracking of ones brains, me trying to grabs a handful of ghost brake.
I knew I couldn't stop pedalling and I was on the blue, so it was a long way down.
Then I just suddenly pressed on the pedals and went up the track. It was a eureka moment.
After all these years of thinking track wouldn't be a good idea. What an idiot. It was super fun. We practised moves. Chipping off the front and riding to the top of the track and then using the speed to get back on. 
Practised a standing kilo start with an 88inch gear. I wouldn't have a clue how Mr Edward Clancy gets going on a 115 inch gear. OOUUSH.
I did a couple of flying laps to see how fast I could go. 21seconds was the best I could manage.
I enjoyed it and I'd go back again.

Thanks to Martyn Frank, Coaching Revolutions for the four hours of track time and very good coaching.
Martyn trying to get out the photo

Start of my kilo. Need to sort out my technique ASAP!


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  1. nice write up! had a similar track experience at the beginning of the month when 7 of us from getty hired out manchester for a couple of hours. Took me about 20 minutes to stop leaning off the corner (bad roadie habit!) but i totes had a 'eureka' moment too! that is pelting it into the corners the higher and easier it was! I had a 22 sec standing start lap time, but more pleasing was that put me in 2nd place!
    Anyway, looks like you had a good time - maybe you will be racing herne hill next season???