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Those Tour things

By  CJ Boom     17:43     
A review of those moments I predicted/wanted to happen / always happen at the Tour.

1. An angry Cadel rant. (Check Bianchista's blog)
2. Cav in green.
3. An incident of fighting.
CHECK!  Cav and Thor in an early stage
4. Lance style killer look back
Not yet
5. John Herety talking on Eurosport
Not yet
6. Millar in lone break away
Well, there was some breaking away on stage 
7. An off the bike fight
Not yet
8. A rider attacks and falls off
CHECK! well Thomas was in the breakaway and slipped on oil
9. Crying
Not yet - but Voeckler is close to it
10. Champagne
Got to wait until Paris

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  1. 9. Stage 9, Hoogerland regains the polka dot?

  2. Mike - your right, I forgot that. But I'd hope it was someone crying with joy rather than because they cut to shreds.