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Disposable film camera at the Tour

By  CJ Boom     16:18     
I have a ten year old disposable camera with a fisheye lens. It isn't removable and the camera doesn't have a view finder. There is a built in flash and the body is made of cheap plastic.

If you drop it whilst riding it doesn't smash like an iPhone.

I celotaped it to my handlebars and took it to the Tour de France.

Click on the images to scroll through a larger gallery.
The set up
Descent to Bourg St. Maurice
Col du Madeleine - Caravan
Climb to Arc 1800
Descent of the north side of the Col Du Madeleine
A Dutch man and Lassie
Froome and Richie Porte

First hairpin of the descent

Ascent to Plan Peisey from Landry
Summit Restaurant on Cormet de Roseland
Vicious on Petit St. Bernard
Bike in Nancroix

I used Kodak 400 35mm - 36 exp. 
Just what I found in the drawer.
Didn't quite work on the misty mountain top when the Tour came over the Madeleine. Wish I'd had a 200.
I processed by film using The Film Processors, very pleased with the quality, quick service and turn around. From posting the film to receiving the print it was 4 working days.  
This camera doesn't have as much lens as some others. I think it shows about 160 degrees of the view.
When it comes to shots especially animals I need to get much closer, like SO closer I'm basically touchin e.g. my Lassie shot and the bike leaning up on Nancroix


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