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London to Brighton

By  CJ Boom     08:21     
I just wanted to do a last bit of Etape prep. So I rode after work from WC1X to BN1.
London to Brighton. It was a race against the sun, the most annoying bit is the first 16miles is basically in traffic. Central London traffic, then into Croydon's traffic.

The route I took was via the climbs of Farthing Down, Bletchingly and then onto the usual L2B route used the annual ride.

Route data here:

I grabbed a burger from Grubbs. A fast food establishment opposite the church. It's not Bryon burger but it's not Burger King either.
Get a choc milkshake for £1.25, upgrade to potato wedges over fries.
I went for the Grubbs Hawaiian, double pattie.


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