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Bedlam @ Bethlem - London League Round

By  CJ Boom     09:27     

Opted out of the National Trophy in Shrewsbury because originally no Vicious riders were planning on go and its a really far away course, a good course but a long way away. 
Decided to ride London League a course that uses the grounds of Bethlam Royal Hospital. This would be my first race since Christmas break and the race in Essen. 
There is a wooded section and if the course designer deems it necessary, and this one did, the option to use a large open field. With the awful rain of Christmas it was a bogged, waterlogged 1km of solid riding into the wind and against the resistant of long chewed up grass.

Notes from the race:
Poor start - shouldered bike through the first technical, pushing inept people out the way
Caught up to the 3rd place woman (Onett Deli, a Hungarian MTB champion). 
Rode with Onett who had plenty of power on the thousand metres of grass - but was struggling to keep up with her, but focused on just sticking to her back wheel. 
Her efforts enabled us to ride back to lone leader, Louise Mahe.
Onett then proceeded to run out of energy, I attacked Louise and kept the pressure on for the last 2 laps to secure the win. 
It was filthy muddy but my gloves soon got soak and had no grip. 
The appalling weather seemed to play in my favour.

Happy with that ride. Initially I thought I would have finished 2nd at best and 1st was too far gone.

This Sunday is the National Championship in Derby - race time 12.45


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